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You can change the way girls feel about their periods. #SupportYourSisters

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School Girl, Bomet County

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Kenyan girls believe that menstruation is the most significant barrier to their schooling. Many are not aware of menstruation when they get their first period, and shame, embarrassment and stigmas keep girls away from school one week out of every four.


We’re changing that through shedding the stigmas and giving girls the confidence they need to unlock their potential and thrive. 

#SupportYourSisters through helping us achieve our goals of educating an entire generation in Bomet County about their periods. 

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What is Period Pride?

We work with schools in Kenya to deliver menstruation hygiene management programmes that have a big impact.



Over half of the world menstruate. Your sisters, mothers, aunties, wives, friends and children.

Support them here.


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Show your support for us through wearing our wonderful range of volunteer-designed merchandise. 

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