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Become a Period Pride Rep...


We need wonderful people just like you to spread #PeriodPride


By becoming a Period Pride Rep you will be helping to educate an entire generation in Bomet County about periods.

Not only will you normalise periods here in the UK, but the money you raise will help to keep girls in school in Kenya, where they can learn and realise their full potential.  #SupportYourSisters

As a Period Pride Rep your main responsibilities will be...

  • Talk loudly and proudly about Periods 

  • Host fundraising events to raise vital funds 

  • Advertise and sell Period Pride merch 

To become a Period Pride Rep just fill out this form and we will be in touch very soon.

Learn more about the impact you will have as a Period Pride Rep >


Joanna Scott - Period Pride Rep

"I was over the moon to hear about Dig Deep’s Period Pride campaign. As a Yoga Therapist working in schools in central London I talk regularly to young people, especially young girls, about their bodies.  


Growing up I felt a huge amount of shame and discomfort around my menstrual cycle and I found that shame silencing. 


I feel passionate that all girls deserve to feel pride over their bodies and their menstrual cycles and that education is the main catalyst for this. By getting involved with Dig Deep’s period pride campaign I hope that periods can be celebrated, and more young people can have an accurate understanding of every part of the menstrual cycle."

Joanna had a busy 2019 fundraising for Period Pride, including planning a Yoga Class at Latham Law Firm, a Spoken Word Event, 'Give Aunt Flo the Mic', as well as holding several wine tastings and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

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