A Loo for Every Period. Every year that a girl stays in education in Kenya, she will earn at least 10% more in her lifetime.


Where we work the majority of girls struggle to attend school whilst menstruating because they do not have access to female-friendly latrines which enable them to manage their periods effectively and safely. 

The latrine shown here is an example of one of the many unsafe latrines that girls are often forced to use when menstruating. 


We are changing this by build female-friendly latrines at schools which provide a private and safe place for girls to change their sanitary products and a clean water source to ensure they can freshen up if they need to. 


What is Linking Your Loo?

Access to sanitation facilities transforms the lives of young girls. By donating £50 to Link Your Loo to a female-friendly latrine, your support will provide female school children with a safe and private place to change their menstrual products. 

You will be provided with a *Limited Edition* Period Pride Link Your Loo certificate, which includes a photograph of the loo you have been linked with and a GPS location so you can find its location online.


This certificate is framed and can be proudly placed on the back of your bathroom door or above your loo for all to see.

Link Your Loo Logo Blue.png

Who can link their loo?

Anyone! Buy as a gift for an individual/family or Link Your Loo at home by completing the form on this page today. Find out more about linking your workplace loo here. 

You can also link a block of loos at a school in Kenya for your company, school or organisation by contacting us at linkyourloo@digdeep.org.uk

Why £50, is that how much it costs to build a loo?

It can cost as little as £50 to build a loo in Kenya although how we go about building loos can vary quite significantly. £50 is an indicative cost for Linking Your Loo, taking into account the balance of loos we build at schools and the loos we encourage to be built at every household in the community. Our goal is that there is a loo for every period - help us today by Linking Your Loo!