We're working hard to shed the stigmas around periods in Kenya, but we cannot do it without your help.


Your support will help to train a generation in Bomet County about menstruation, removing barriers to education so that girls can earn and learn more allowing them to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Wherever you are there are loads of different ways for you to get involved with #PeriodPride, break taboos and raise life changing funds.


Find out all about the different ways you can get involved below...

Become a Period Pride Partner.

Your company, student or community group could partner with us to create change on a larger scale.

Become a Regular Giver.

Set up monthly donations to Period Pride and support menstrual education all year round.

Make a One-Off Donation.

#SupportYourSisters by helping to educate an entire generation in Bomet County about their periods. 

Link Your Loo.

Link your loo with a female friendly latrine in Kenya and help provide girls with a safe place to go to the loo.

Host a Period Party.

Get your friends and family together to smash period taboos and raise funds to provide menstruation education in Kenya

Become a Period Pride Rep.

Become a Period Pride rep and fundraise and smash taboos on a regular basis.

Buy Period Pride Merch.

Spread Period Pride by wearing something from our wonderful collection designed by volunteers.

Have questions about anything on this page? or maybe you are planning an event? Then get in touch with Rachael, our Fundraising and Communications Manager, and she will be happy to talk all things Period Pride

Get in touch! 
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