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Dig Deep Rebrand

We are thrilled to announce that in preparation for our 10th Anniversary later this year, Dig Deep have rebranded. We've worked carefully with Sheffield design team side:side to create new logos, icons, fonts, colours and a general look, and we'd like to take this opportunity to talk you through what we did and why.

Why did we rebrand?

Later this year Dig Deep will be reaching an important milestone – 10 years since we first registered as a UK charity. In those 10 years we’ve achieved incredible things with the communities we work with in Kenya. We started out just working on water in Narok County. We now do water, sanitation and hygiene training in Narok and Bomet County’s. Our projects have now helped benefit over 20,000 people and could impact on up to 110,000 people in the next 5 years.

Internally we’ve changed significantly too: We have gone from 0 staff to 12, and from just 2 volunteers to over 350 volunteers. We now have offices in Sheffield and Nairobi, as well as field officers working in the communities we serve.

With our 10th anniversary approaching, new challenges programmes and our reputation for professionalism and expertise in Kenya, we felt it was time to update our logo to better represent who we are now.

What we wanted our new brand to say

We wanted our new brand to reflect that as an organisation we are professional, young, fresh, dynamic and innovative.

The ripple:

We also wanted it to show that our programmes have wide ripples of impact on the communities we work with.

At it's most basic level, we provide communities with access to clean water, toilets and knowledge from training, but the impacts of that work is far reaching.

  • It leads to less death and illness due to waterborne disease, less time spent collecting water and less shame and isolation for girls menstruating

  • It leads to more time spent at school

  • It leads to higher attainment, especially for girls

  • It leads to better prospects for further education and higher paid employment

  • It leads to greater economic prospects, benefiting families, the wider community and the nation as a whole.

The left-hand side of the logo now shows the D's of Dig Deep, but also represents those wider ripples of our work, as it impacts and transforms communities in the long-term.

Children's handwriting

When we were going through the redesign we shared with our designers some letters we received from children in St Theresa's School thanking us for the toilets and taps that we installed. We work incredibly closely with communities, and as a team it is such as privilege to get personal feedback from those individuals that have benefited from our work. We somehow wanted this personal connection to resonate through our new design. Our designers came up with a great idea, of using the handwriting of 8 children from those schools to help us better connect our supporters to their stores. They created 6 typefaces, each named after the child whose handwriting we used:

We're absolutely thrilled with our new look, and think that it will aid us in achieving our vision of doubling our Impact by 2020.

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear them. Please email us on


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