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The best view in Kenya surrounded by the best people

This blog was written by Sam Lord who led a team up Mount Kenya in July 2019.

Wow wow wow, my love for Kenya after conquering its mountain is sky-high and it’s one I’ll treasure forever!!

When I first signed up to be a Team Leader, it was mainly to test myself both mentally and physically and having something to tick off my bucket list. Having come down the other side of the mountain, I have gained much more than just a tick off that list.

Having not met the other fellow Dig Deep members from other Universities before the trip I was not expecting to make so many great friends on the trek. Having to share EVERY moment together only brought us closer together and was a great ice breaker, especially when sharing an 18 bed dorm with one toilet…

The climb does not come without its struggles and it can push you to what you think is your limit, nonetheless being surrounded by such amazing people made me realise I was capable of much more than I thought and that if I put my mind to something then anything was possible. The astounding views you get to witness along the way add to the incredible experience, from stunning valleys (which can have mental weather ‘mood swings’) to the most beautiful sunrise you’ll ever see; trekking along different terrain and expansive land makes each day so unique.

As with most climbs it is always a relief to reach the summit and I can’t say this one was any different. After spending 4 days climbing up the mountain, being able to reach Peak Lenana with the group was one of best feelings I’ve ever had; filled with hugs, laughter and a few tears.

One thing that definitely inspired me not to stop and keep going was knowing that the reason I was fortunate enough to climb this wonderful mountain was because of the generous donations people had given to Dig Deep to help schools around the area with clean water and sanitation. This thought kept going through my mind every step of the way and made me realise what this year had brought, through being part of this incredible charity. It certainly made all the effort for fundraising worthwhile and was a great way to complete the challenge I signed up for.

I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to get out and experience life at its fullest, as well as testing themselves along the way to see how far you can push yourself to achieve the ultimate prize of summiting Kenya!!! It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so glad I did not let it slip away from my grasp. So what are you waiting for? CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN

Find out more about our Mount Kenya Challenge, how you can sign up or become a Team Leader over on our website:

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